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Whoop, quite an age ☺️.  its been a while I miss y’all.

Anyways, I have a very pertinent issue ay heart. I have been brooding over this for some times now and i will love your comments, thoughts too.

Does God show favouritism ……IS IT A HARD QUESTION TO ANSWER.

favouritism From google 

Ok, as a mother, father or parent ….,can you love your children equally? 

Anyway, have asked couple of friends the later questions and this are some answers

……hmmm, well you can love them equally, but there will be one that will be stubborn and you wont love as much as the other that is obedient.

…….well I don’t think it is possible to love all my children equally.

…….it should be, you should love your children equally, and love them for their uniqueness.

……..I love them equally, but for different reasons

Well, whether we agree to the truth of favouritism or not, it is obvious that this is what we live with daily, at home, work, relationship and every spheres of life. But wont be an issue if we love everyone for who they are, what they stand. if this is done, the pressure of favouritism will be reduced.

We could deduce this from the love of Christ, Christ loves the entire world population, both bad, good, weak and strong. He loves us equally, and deals with us according to the measure of our level. This is where much grace comes in too, he loves us for who we are and not for what he can benefit from us.

Christ loves us so much that, instead of justice for himself, he decided to die on the cross behalf of Barabbas the great their.Matt 27:17(So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Jesus Barabbas, or Jesus who is called the Messiah?) He exchanged his life for him and that saved us till date.

Favouritism is hurtful, it pulls down homes, it break relationship, it sows the seed of hate. Let us love just like our heavenly father loves us, Love people for who they are, embrace them for their faults and weakness and the world will be a better place.

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Balance it Up

God has not called any to be a professional, but has called ALL unto his will”

balance it

That is the word of God to me Olamide, then i thought to myself that the word is not for me alone, but as many that wants to hear the word of the Lord to his people, in the age of professional/career competition, community competition, family know-how and any other means that you feel pressurised to be the BEST.

We are so pushed by the reason of commitment and dream to be the best in our chosen profession, as the first-born, first son, husband, wife, breadwinner of the family, mother of thousand children ……that we put in all our efforts, time and moment in developing our skills. Work from 12:00 am till 12:00pm, reading, digging up, putting all the effort to ensure that the salary is better this month, to ensure that you are the boss soon, or any way you feel your dreams will come through.

When i got this words, i kept digging up the word of God for direction and i meditated on Romans 12

Vs 3:For by the grace [of God] given to me I say to every one of you not to think more highly of himself [and of his importance and ability] than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has apportioned to each a degree of faith [and a purpose designed for service].The Message version

What struck me most is the word……God has apportioned to each a purpose designed for service,  God has called us to a purposeful design for service unto him, much deeper than being a professor, doctor, best designer, accountant or any profession you are in. God has designed us right from our mother’s womb to do his will and serve him.

That doesn’t mean that being a professional is a sin or not worthwhile, at all, God loves his children to dominate and enjoy every good gift of this earth, all he his saying is BALANCE IT UP, OLAMIDE …….

 Romans 12 Vs 11  (Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord – KJV version)never lagging behind in diligence; aglow in the Spirit, enthusiastically serving the Lord;

So that is the answer, to how to balance it up, we must be hardworking, be the best in any good profession we find ourselves, but we must still, always be fervent in the spirit and serving the Lord. Everyone must see Jesus first in whatever we are doing.

12 constantly rejoicing in hope [because of our confidence in Christ], steadfast and patient in distress, devoted to prayer [continually seeking wisdom, guidance, and strength],13 contributing to the needs of God’s people, pursuing [the practice of] hospitality.

The guidance for balancing it up, though it will be hard, we will struggle in doing that, but yet, rejoice in the Lord, be patient with him because he his working it out, and PRAY. 

I am screaming these words in my heart and believing God that it will bear much fruit in the heart of as many that is reading. God is calling us out of our busy schedule, to look unto him and fulfil the original reason for being created.

Take a time out with me this week and balance it up.


Great Week


Full of Thanks

Being alive today ……………

Full of Thanks 

Am able to grow beyond my level of immaturity …….

Full of thanks 

For the moments that i made great mistakes and decisions

Full of Thanks 

For the moment that i made good decisions …

Full of Thanks 

Those times i was celebrated and envied ….

Full of Thanks 

Moments that my life was full of shame and nothing to write home about

Full of Thanks 

Periods that the truth wasn’t known ………..

Full of thanks

Knowing the truth and living it

Full of Thanks 

Moment of confusion, without direction

Full of thanks 

When life was so messed up and doing the unspoken

Full of Thanks 

when all is gone and left with nothing …

Full of Thanks 

Starting Afresh, like the beginning of Spring …

Full of Thanks

Springing forth and budding newly..

Full of Thanks 

Painful, yet moving on with you….

Full of Thanks 

That you are leading on now and telling us what to do ….

Full of Thanks 

That we don’t know what you have us do

Full of Thanks 

But we are following, like the sheep that hears and knows its Shepherd

Full of Thanks

That you own all things, even-though we cant comprehend

Full of Thanks

That you lead us in the path of righteousness

Full of Thanks

Jeremiah 29:11 For you know the plans you have for us,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.

Full of Thanks 

We are living in Hope and Joy of our righteous God.

Full of Thanks 

Forever Grateful, will be grateful and we are grateful.

What are you grateful for, friends, be grateful.

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Power of Forgiveness

Have chosen a good face and quote for this morning chit – chat because it is the truth, so write with me as we discuss FORGIVENESS.

Nelson Mandela

Hey, morning, how was your night, yebo ( meaning, i see you). Mine was nice, got knocked off by Flu drug that i took. Anyway, am fine. Hope you ate breakfast….hmmm, am learning too, food isn’t my best activity, but learning because i noticed my princess needs the whole breakfast and needs to be taught the best practices.

Ok, by the way, our chit chat is on FORGIVENESS… ahahhah, Ola, forgiveness how, yes, forgiveness… forgiving your self, forgiving your enemies, forgiving those you love and those who hurt you so bad, forgiving your leaders, forgiving your partner, forgiving your children, forgiving your in laws, forgiving ……………………………………………………………………………

Then i though about this word..be at peace with all men, you see ALL. Roman 12:18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. That was a clear instruction by Apostle Paul through the holy spirit. yes, you can go ahead but Jesus Christ didn’t say anything about it, don’t get too comfortable, he did ooooo Mark 9:50 The salt is good, but if the salt becomes unsalty, with what will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.”

We are salt of this world, of our family, of our work place, of the nation, so if we are so overwhelmed with unforgiveness how do you want to explore your sweetness as the salt of the world. The word of Christ ….Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.” means that I need you more, i need you to be sweet always so if you are to be sweet all the time, you can’t afford to be bitter.

yes, unforgiveness, spring forth the seed of bitterness in us, it makes us feel overwhelmed with low self-esteem, it makes us to miss the bright future ahead of us, it makes you to loss the joy of springing of a new thing, he makes us not to enjoy the love and plan of God for our lives and we focus on the DISTRACTIONS.

I told you, have gone through some tough situations lately, yes, career issues and at the verge of Job loss, conflict in the family, shame….and in all this you are tagged the bad egg, it was all your fault and everyone around wants to play that good person and tell you to your face…IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT…hmmmm, yes and am sure you are going through one thing or the other too, might be milder or tougher. But we all go through tough times so that we can be a beautiful diamond out in the world.

In all this, what i learnt in a hard way was the power of forgiveness, to let go, to free up, move on, moving on is not ignoring but still loving despite the hurt. Yes, there is no forgiveness, if you stop loving. You must love the people who hurts you, that rub you hard like a hard sand paper.

It is hard to forgive, i know, it is sooooo hard, at the verge of forgiveness, you are full of self-pity, you look for pity party, you search for a way out, we look for a way to justify why we should still be angry, bitter. But, you know what, in all this you are not happy, because forgiveness is a gift to your own Heart.

Be at peace with all men, how do you be at peace if you are not forgiving, if you are not loving, if you ignore. It wasn’t easy, it isn’t easy to just forgive, But, grace assist you to forgive people who hurt you, to forgive yourself and move on. Move on and enjoy your life.

Forgiving someone, myself and any one you need to forgiving, as made me happy, made me free, made me see the future and at the peak of it, it has made me closer and well focused to my Christ Jesus. Despite what people think of me, i choose to forgive, i choose to let go, i choose to be full of Joy and shed all pity.

Forgiving others give us access to gift and answer to our prayers, it is true, recently i was so angered against someone and i needed something, then on sunday God told me open up to this person, let go, and you know what i did, and by yesterday Monday, i was so blessed, and i got a road map to one of my prayer request.

Forgiveness is being Free, everyone loves to be free, forgiveness is Joy, we all love to be, forgiveness is obeying Christ, that is the greatest gift to Christ…..

Lets all make a commitment to Obey God through forgiving.

I am still unfolding more on the power of forgiveness, and am sure you do have your own experience, feel free to share yours or any other experience right at the comment area, right at the bottom of this post.

Love You and have forgiving you for all the hurts you caused me and the ones that are yet to come………can we all make this commitment

Its me again



Waddup, my people, am sorry couldn’t post anything last week, i was busy doing nothing and was so overwhelmed. Any way am back and bouncing, bless be God.

Top of my week is the word “GRACE”……hmm what is the meaning, have been pondering on it since beginning of the month, i don’t know why. Sometimes i think, isn’t grace that we always say at the end of prayers, is it not someones name.. .., and so on, but it my friend is much deeper than that.


Have learnt and you can learn with me that grace is the gift of God for mankind, grace is the opposite of rules, laws and regulation. Grace is an unexplainable opportunity and delivery. Grace is what breaks every yoke and barriers…….oooooohhhh, grace covers up your shame and glorifies you even in the midst of it can’t work out.

Grace is when you take and receive what you don’t deserve or qualify for, and you enjoy it without consequence. Grace is by faith, not by what you have worked for or your qualification of being the best student or being the orator or whatever qualification that you want to talk about.

Grace, has brought people from no background to a place of honour and glory. Grace brought David from the bush to become the King of Isreal, this same grace was available fr Joseph to become a Prime minister in a strange land like Egypt, Ahhaha, great grace, amazing grace brought a sinful Saul become Paul to be a great Apostle.

I love that Grace, I have been living my life differently lately, and have seen grace working out alot of things for people, have seen people of no background, people without any qualification, enjoying the grace of God. I ask God why do they have that, why do they enjoy this, and he answered me, I have released grace unto them.

hmmm, grace is deeper and wider than just the redemption of our sins, yes that is the starting point, but, o my God, amazing grace gives us all things through our Faith in Christ Jesus.

Am on the journey of enjoying the grace of God in little things, big things, in health, in finances and everything that pertinent to life. The only way to relate with God is even through Grace, we cant do , have or live life without the grace of God.

Graet grace, amazing grace and deeper grace i ask for every one this beautiful week.

Alas, i just enjoyed teh grace of God just now……

Dont read this alone, talk about it, read about it, share about it and discuss it, on this page..

Remain gracious.


You not alone


My little angel woke up wanting to cuddle, …..mama back me, anyway i did and we were both happy, off to school. And i doing that, i looked around me and thought of so many things to do, so many struggles, expectations from my little angel, husband, from my own dream, society, family and MOST ESPECIALLY, my Creator…hmmm

Guess what, all i heard was You are not alone, you know what i said, No, i seems to be all by my self, i have all this weight on me and you say am not alone…..hmmmm. yes, you are not alone,my friend, even in the midst of terminal illness, unspoken emotional abuse and domestic violence, financial crunch, inflation, unemployment, sick child or partner, pressure from in-laws and your own kinsmen, robbery and attack, spiritual attacks, depression …………………………ahahahha, this problems are uncountable. You see, you are not alone.

A friend will always tell me, olamide…. will all have issues, both shared and unshared, unspoken, that weighs us down, pull out all the strength in us, issues with our partners that can’t be shared with any one, My mother will call it TOP  FAMILY SECRET, but you know what, you are still not alone.

Deuteronomy 31-6, Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them (ALL THE ISSUES YOU CAN THINK OF…..), for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Isaiah 41:10, ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

This words above are powerful, it shows that God knows everything we are going through, he knows even before they surface, he knows that we can handle it. Olamide, is it easier said than done, am in it too, am not a preacher rather not a counsellor, far from it, am just sharing my life and battles that  i fight daily. But am always encouraged that am not alone, he always looks for the path way for us, even when it doesn’t suit palatable, but you know what it is still the solution.

So, lately, have been thinking of doing the unusual and just enjoy every of my day, rip myself of emotions and just live that Joy of Christ, less i forget, learnt something today ooo(Nigeria blood flows in my vain), a lady was to fund her project with about 25,000 US dollars and she is to be funded with just 10,000 us dollars and you know what she told the whole panel that where she will get the balance is unknown but she is not bothered but moving on with the research…..whao, everyone was quite…….but what i see in her is that she is confident that she is not alone…

So, be certain that whether you can’t share your issue with anyone or it is eating you up so bad, you feel ashamed of the situation, anyway you will just wait for a miracle, any option you have taken, remember that you are not alone, be joyful, so that it can give birth to your happiness within you, because that husband, child/children, job, wealth ………..will not give you JOY talk-less of happiness. TD Jakes said, one of the principle of happiness is enjoying the journey and not the destination…..yes the destination could be death, divorce, lack of fund, termination of job and any other worst situation you can think about,  all am saying is that you are not alone, enjoy the journey.

Very important, talk to the boss……the boss, yes that is God, talk to him about every burden, how heavy it is, how unpleasurable, how hurtful, unspeakable, how you feel. But, i haven’t even spoken to him before or its been a while that have spoken with him…dont bother he knows how you feel because you are not alone, so he will hear you.

Olamide, i speak to him daily and yet he didn’t take the burden away, am so angry, depressed, disappointed, we all feel that way at one point or the other or about a particular issue that wont just get solved, but all am saying is that, you are not alone and he understands every bit. Be persistent, who knows tomorrow might be the happening day, it might just be there forever and God give  you grace to bear it and become so strong.


Remain strong and not alone

Ahahhaahh, research calling and the little angel will soon be back. gat to go now, see you tommorrow.



The Journey……

My name is Olamide Todowede, married to Sewedo Todowede (just as he loves to be called) but i prefer Abolade Todowede 🙂  and we have a beautiful daughter, Oluwabusola Todowede. Less i forget, she is two and half years old and very energetic. We have been married for three and half years. I am from Nigeria specifically Ekiti State…..really, by marriage am from Lagos State.

I believe in Christ Jesus and am a growing believer, I believe in Faith, grace and Heaven. I started this blog as a result of a new shift and change in my life and its been in my mind that a lot of things am going through, am not their alone….so many couples, mothers, fathers are in same journey, be encouraged, they are just the stories to make our journey complete.

Anyways, the blog will be majorly discussing about setting up a home, the ups and downs, and the foundation of the home (GOD) and how far we can go with the builder being at the center of our homes in the era of domestic violence in marriages, high rate of divorce, unhappy and happy home (yes , it is a mixed fruit, no ..lemonade…whatever). Our journey will be full of funny, hilarious, painful, growth pushing  and ……(fill in the gap) stories. But i want to assure you by the grace of God that it will assist us in growing and moving forward.

I am very poor with sticking to action plans (don’t give that look, have you complied to the new year resolution that you made this year), but i will try, to ensure that we get something thoughtful everyday. I intend to ask couple of people to share their experiences, all for us to learn. ohhhh, i forgot, am a gender sensitive person ( guys don’t be scared, i believe so much in equity).

So relax, when the work is crazily busy, toddlers are sapping all the energy left in you, husband, wife, girl/boyfriend, fiancée/fiance, in-laws (did i say that 😉 driving you mad stop and come around here, you will cool off the nerves.

Start the Journey with me, am so excited…….yipee








Unpaid Fulltime Job


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Ok, who does that in the years of inflation, electricity and water bill,……whatever bills, pick up an unpaid full-time job, working hours is 24hrs/day, every day of the week, and throughout the year. I cannot resign, retire except…, God forbid(with grey hair will I fulfill all my days on earth), i can complain, but it doesn’t change anything or change the situation.

My position at this organisation called ‘my home’ is MOTHER :-), and my job description goes as follows: butt cleaner, diaper changing, toilet washing and potty carrier, washer woman, feeding me my food (exactly the way my toddler, learning to put words together will say it), party escort, police, often entertainer and you know what i cant list it all, so please fill in the gap……………..I told you that a lot has been changing and happening in my life lately, and one of this is picking up this full-time job with my two and half-year old daughter. She is so adorable, i love her smile and confidence, most especially when i see her acting up like me ….lmao, my husband will say and i quote ‘ she is exhibits over pampering like her mother, hence it reflects in her attitude ‘, any ways that isn’t 100% true, but 85% significant…….i just started my PhD so get use to a lot of  scientific references.

But one important thing that have learnt has being a mother is that it grooms one to be a better person, hard task but yet rewarding, invisible rewards but it gladden the heart. so now my role has a mother has made me to be disciplined because am a role model to an unborn child’s mother(my grandchild). on a lighter note, i now pick up tissue paper holder (the brown cardboard-like holder inside a tissue), for what…….yes busola has a kangaroo painting project in school, hence all student must come to the school with 5 tissue paper older in a week, and since i don’t run a public toilet at home, i have to go to public toilets and tell friends to please send their tissue paper holder to us…hilarious, yep so now another role of mine is to ensure that she gets good grade in school, how it happens, no one knows. Don’t worry we have gotten enough for the week.

See, it doesn’t sound that interesting all the time, when she want to talk and am not in the mood, she want to do some stuff that am not interested in, but i have to pick my self up and just ensure things are in the right order and show that am enjoying it. Amidst all this life struggles and all i have to dedicate myself to this full-time job that i have taken up and enjoy it, not only enjoy it but learn from my little angel.

i can see that face, what do you learn from a two-year old girl, yes, have learnt patience – children/child make you to be extra patient and there is nothing you can do about it, have you tried to feed a toddler before..om, you will be patient ,  perseverance – yes, because they are learning to do new things and get new growth milestones everyday, when they try to take or do something, if you watch closely, they keep doing it till they get away with it, even if it means that stuff is spoilt, new songs – don’t try to run from this, as they are learning from preschool, they come home to sing and expect you to know it , how to forget problems even when they seems not to be working at all, but knowing that God will work it out and how to forgive – yes, you spank or scold just now, they have forgotten and they are ready to say mummy, i love you. No wonder, Jesus compare us with the little children, they are so innocent and easy to forgive, can we be that little girl/boy for Christ all our life, grow and mature in the spirit, but tender at heart and ready to let go for Christ.

YES, am agreeing with all tired mothers, it is exhausting, tiring, I need my life back too, i want a life,……………..fill in the gap of what you always say. But remember, God is teaching you a lesson, relax and enjoy the lesson and learn from it. it takes the Grace of GOD ….huuh i am learning on the grace of GOD, as soon as am fully groomed on it, will surly bring it on.

All mothers, ladies …enjoy your full-time job